Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense AttorneyChoosing a criminal defense lawyer is a crucial step if you have been charged with a crime in Georgia.
If you are looking for a Newnan criminal defense lawyer, call Danielle Sewell at The Law Office of Michael West P.C., immediately for a review of your case. As each case is a unique situation, you need the advice and expertise of a qualified defense attorney.

Our Office will provide you with answers as to what options may be possible in your case. Many cases never make it into the courtroom. Many charges are dismissed or charges are reduced. It is important to determine what can be done in your case.

Felony Defense

A felony is a serious crime that can put you in prison for a year or longer. If you are arrested for a felony call immediately. A few examples of felony crimes are aggravated assualt, aggravated battery, Armed robbery, certain drug related charges, burglary, forgery, and fraud. Call immediately if you are charged a felony.

Driving Under the Influence

If you are arrested for DUI call immediately. You do not have time to waste. Your liberty and driver’s license are in jeopardy. CALL NOW!