Brain Injury

Brain Injury Attorney in Newnan, Georgia

Brain Injury AttorneyTraumatic brain injury, familiarly known as TBI, is more than just a temporary setback. It will frequently be a life-changing event, and every year, more than 1.4 million United States residents will suffer some form of it. This is not something that goes away quickly. Even the mildest of cases can have serious consequences that range from moderate social or cognitive difficulties to serious psychological or physical hurdles. The effects can last for years and will often involve ongoing medical intervention.

A large percentage of brain injury cases occur as the result of another person’s negligence or downright malicious intentions. The victims in cases like these can benefit from legal assistance, and the personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Michael West can help.

Common Brain Injury Triggers

The causes of traumatic brain injury are numerous and varied. Many such instances result from:

  • Birth trauma. Nothing may be sadder than the infant for whom delivery room errors and childbirth complications have caused irreversible brain damage.
  • Vehicular accidents. These are a frequent cause of blunt force brain trauma for a vehicle’s passengers as well as for any pedestrians who happened to get in the way.
  • Medical malpractice. Reckless or careless actions on the part of a medical professional or any of his team can easily result in injury to the brain.
  • Slip-and-fall mishaps. Falls in general account account for the greatest percentage of brain trauma, and many trace directly back to someone else’s negligence.
  • Sports injuries. Participation in football, hockey, skateboarding or any extreme or high-impact athletic endeavor can often result in TBI.
  • Aggression. Gunshot wounds, domestic violence, shaken baby syndrome and similar hostile acts account for about 20 percent of traumatic brain injury cases.
  • Defective products. Many otherwise preventable cases of TBI are directly attributable to deficiencies in the design, manufacture or labeling of consumer goods.

Some of TBI’s after-effects are transient. Others are not, and their severity can impair an individual’s ability to function for months or even years. Many sufferers require the ongoing help of brain injury experts, physical therapists, mental health professionals and other medical specialists.

The Monetary Expense of Traumatic Brain Injury

Many may find it hard to believe, but on a cumulative basis, the per-victim expenses of dealing with TBI can reach as high as $4 million. This figure takes into account the costs related to:

  • Immediate and follow-up medical assistance.
  • Physical, speech and cognitive therapy.
  • Vocational training.
  • Psychological support.
  • Home health services.
  • Long-term facility-based rehabilitative care.

Perhaps most critical of all is the way in which traumatic brain injury can drastically lower the quality of existence not only for its sufferers but also for their loved ones. Fortunately, victims may be entitled to personal injury compensation to help with the ongoing expense of a potential lifelong need of medical care and rehabilitation. If doctors have diagnosed you or someone close to you with TBI, contact us, so we can assist in winning you restitution for the emotional, monetary and lifestyle losses that routinely follow.

Don’t Ignore the Signs of a Brain Injury

Anyone who has suffered an injury to the head needs to seek immediate medical attention. You may think you’re fine at first, and a cursory glance may reveal no obvious signs of harm. However, the symptoms of brain damage can take some time to appear, and a proper identification will always demand examination by a qualified medical professional.

Once you have received your diagnosis, be sure to contact the personal injury experts at The Law Office of Michael West. You may have grounds for a lawsuit, and if you do, our attorneys will fight to win the compensation that your case deserves. Call 404-913-1529 today for a free, no-strings consultation. The health of your financial future may depend upon it.