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Outlining Coup and Contrecoup Injuries in Georgia

Brain and head injuries are among the most serious consequences of an auto accident. Coup and contrecoup injuries in Georgia are no exception. A coup injury to the brain occurs on the place of impact with an object during an accident. A victim suffers a contrecoup...

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What Are Georgia’s Sex Offender Registration Laws?

Georgia gained a reputation for enacting some of strictest sex offender registration laws in the country. However, an amendment in 2010 changed some of the key requirements. An article in The Daily Caller noted the state had uncompromising laws related to sexual...

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Atlanta’s Spaghetti Junction sees Many Serious Crashes

Atlanta’s Spaghetti Junction is one of the most notorious and congested intersections in the country. Recently, WSB-TV noted Spaghetti Junction, the intersection of Interstates 285 and 85 North, again topped an annual list of traffic congestion hot spots published...

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Truck Only Lanes in Atlanta May Pose a Safety Risk

Truck-only lanes on I-75 are being planned to reduce congestion around Atlanta. Although the move may help the city’s gridlock it also raises safety concerns. Truck-only lanes are being considered for one of the busiest stretches of road in the metro area - ...

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Metro Atlanta Faces Car Break-in Epidemic

Property crimes are the most common types of offenses in Georgia and elsewhere. These types of offenses do not always make news headlines unless police report a spike in offenses such as a recent car break-in epidemic reported in Atlanta. The Atlanta...

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Broken Collarbones Are Common in Georgia Auto Accidents

Broken collarbones are among the 10 most common fractures seen in Georgia car accidents. This is a painful injury that can have long-lasting implications on the victim. The collarbone is one of the main bones in the shoulder. This type of fracture accounts for about 5...

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Five Tips on Walking Safely to School

Every day, more than 40 kids are hit by cars and injured walking to school, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. When mornings and nights get darker in the fall and winter, the route to school may become increasingly dangerous. Students are safer on the school bus than...

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Amusement Park Safety is an Issue in Georgia

Every year, thousands of people visit theme parks and water parks in Georgia and elsewhere. They may not be in good hands. After a series of accidents on roller coasters, fairground rides and water parks, amusement park safety is being questioned. Although some...

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Ford Recalled 2 Million Trucks Due to Fire Risk

Few things are more terrifying on the highway than your car or truck catching fire. When the problem is due to a defect, millions of drivers and passengers can be at risk. In September, the Ford Motor Company recalled 2 million of its popular F-150 pickup trucks...

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Explaining Georgia’s Aggravated Assault and Battery Laws

Assaults and batteries are among the most common criminal offenses committed in Georgia and elsewhere. The offense comprises simple assault and battery and aggravated assault, and aggravated battery, crimes that carry a higher sentence. Assault in Georgia is defined...

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