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Outlining Illegal Stopping on the Highway in Georgia

Many drivers are unaware of the rules of illegal stopping on the roads of Georgia. Stopping can be dangerous in many places. Drivers may crash into parked vehicles or swerve to avoid them, causing a wreck. Police officers often breathalyze drivers who are illegally...

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Can a Passenger Be At Fault for a Georgia Car Wreck?

Passengers can cause car accidents in Georgia but they are very rarely found to be at fault. A driver or the driver of another vehicle usually causes passenger injuries. A passenger can at fault in unusual circumstances. For instance, he or she may have grabbed the...

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Dangers on Construction Sites in Georgia

Construction sites in Georgia and elsewhere are dangerous places. Workers can suffer falls, crush injuries, electric shock, exposure to dangerous chemicals, and injuries involving heavy machinery and vehicles. A 2018 report in Business Insider listed construction...

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Tips for Personal Injury Cases and Social Media

Social media has been part of most of our lives for well over a decade. We post family photos, pictures of pets and often vent on social media. However, personal injury cases and social media is a problematic area. Although social media has been with us for years,...

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Toyota Recalled Hybrids Over Stalling Risk

Few things are more frightening than your car stalling on the highway. A sudden loss of power can cause other cars or trucks to hit you from behind. On occasions, cars stall due to a defect rather than the actions of a driver. In October, Toyota recalled hybrids over...

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How Should Pregnant Women Wear Seat Belts?

Driving on the highways of Georgia is dangerous enough at the best of times. When you are pregnant, you face added dangers. Pregnant women should take particular precautions behind the wheel and wear their seat belts in a certain way to safeguard their unborn child....

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