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Do Georgia Helmet Laws Protect Motorcyclists?

The state of Georgia requires all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. Riders must not only wear helmets but they should meet national standards. Georgia helmet laws help save lives. Wearing a helmet is no guarantee you will avoid head injuries or death if you crash....

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Traumatic Brain Injuries Cause Sleep Disorders

Traumatic brain injuries cause a range of neurological and behavioral issues. People who suffer brain injuries often suffer sleep disorders and don’t realize their issues are linked to head trauma. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is defined as a change in brain...

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Georgia Crosswalks – What are Your Rights?

Every year dozens of pedestrians are killed on Georgia crosswalks. Thousands are injured. Whether you are crossing the road in downtown Atlanta or in Newnan, you have rights. Often drivers fail to see or respect walkers on crosswalks. Many towns and cities in Georgia...

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Farm Machinery Causes Terrible Accidents and Injuries

In December 2018, the driver of a tractor died when he was hit from behind by a dump truck in Peach County. Police said the driver of the dump truck failed to see the tractor on the rural road until it was too late. Georgia State Patrol said the tractor lacked the...

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Seven Ways to Prevent Tired Driving Crashes

Tired driving crashes cause thousands of deaths and injuries every year. As many as one in 25 drivers have admitted to falling asleep at the wheel. The actual figure is probably considerably higher. Sleep deprivation is the most significant cause of fatigued driving...

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When Are You too Old to Drive in Georgia?

The issue of when you are too old to drive in Georgia is a sensitive one. Older drivers often rely on their cars, especially in rural areas. However, at a certain age, medical conditions, poor eyesight and other factors can pose dangers to motorists. According to the...

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