Outlining Administrative Driver’s License Suspension in Georgia?

The process for an administrative driver’s license suspension in Georgia is different from the criminal procedure associated with a DUI.

People charged with drunk driving are often confused by the process. It’s important to act fast to fight administrative driver’s license suspension in Georgia.

License suspensions are routinely used by the Georgia Department of Driver Services. If you accumulate enough points on your drivers’ license within a short period of time your license may be suspended. A hearing officer is assigned to your case. He or she will determine the length of any suspension based upon your past driving behavior and the extent of your violations. Suspensions usually last several months.

How to fight Administrative Driver’s License Suspension

What is Administrative Driver’s License Suspension

Georgia DDS will seek to revoke a license for a more serious offense such as any DUI-related conviction. The process can lead to immediate and permanent license revocation. The driver’s license is completely invalidated. You have to start the process over again to get a new one when your revocation period is over. A revoked license remains on your record and can affect future job and education prospects.

Employers are often hesitant about hiring people if they believe they will lose their driver’s license at some point in the future.

How to Fight a Driver’s License Suspension in Georgia

The administrative license suspension (ALS) process is complicated. Drivers should request a hearing within 30 days of their arrest by paying $150 to appeal the confiscation and following the appeal process. An Atlanta license suspension attorney can help you with this process.

The authorities recently extended the hearing time to request an administrative license suspension hearing from 10 to 30 days. You still don’t have much time on your side.

To avoid missing the window send the appeal notice and the fee by certified mail. This provides confirmation the letter was delivered to the Georgia Department of Driver Services if there is any dispute.

Drivers face two types of license suspension if they fail to attend a hearing – a hard or a soft suspension. These are either a 12-month suspension or a 30-day suspension.

If you are facing the suspension of your driver’s license, your life could be derailed. Please call the Law Office of Michael West today at (404) 913-1529.