What Happens if You Are Charged with a Felony DUI in Georgia?

Most drivers who are charged with driving under the influence in Georgia are charged with misdemeanor offenses. Drivers who have previous drunk driving convictions may receive a felony DUI in Georgia.

Drivers charged with a fourth or subsequent drunk driving conviction within a 10-year period of time, are often charged with a felony DUI.

If you are charged with a felony DUI in Georgia you will face at least one year in jail and not more than five years’ incarceration.

The offense also entails a $1,000 fine.  The judge may suspend half of the fine if the driver takes part in an alcohol or drug treatment program approved by the court.

Felony DUI in Georgia

when you can be charged with a felony DUI

These offenses are not common in the Peach State. However, they are taken very seriously by the courts. You should obtain the services of an experienced Georgia DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

A Felony DUI conviction can be particularly problematic for an offender. It’s bad enough to have any drunk driving conviction on your record. However, while an employer or a college may be lenient with a first offense, repeated DUI convictions carry a real stigma.

A felony DUI conviction can potentially follow you for the rest of your life.  As well as the criminal sanctions, a felony DUI can mean expulsion from your school, and loss of your driver’s license, and your job.

Your car insurance premiums can rise, you may experience difficulties renting a home, and be unable to qualify for credit.

A fourth DUI in the space of 10 years is a felony offense in Georgia. Only convictions on or after July 1, 2008, are taken into account under this law.

People who commit a third or subsequent DUI within a five-year period face being dealt with as a “habitual violator” and losing their driver’s license for five years.

Habitual violators may be motorists whose drunk driving is combined with three predicate offenses including attempting to elude police, fleeing an accident scene, racing, DUI, homicide by vehicle, causing serious injury by vehicle, or fictitious or fraudulent use or application for a driver’s license.

Felony DUI in Georgia is a very serious offense. Please talk to our Georgia drunk driving defense lawyers as soon as possible, if you have been charged with this crime. Call us at (404) 913-1529.