Truck drivers and other commercial drivers are held to a higher DUI standard in Georgia. Alcohol and commercial drivers is a serious issue that carries a stiff sentence.

This is understandable. Driving an 80,000-pound truck carrying hazardous materials under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a recipe for disaster on the roads of Georgia.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets out laws relating to driving hours and the drug and alcohol testing of commercial drivers.

The rules apply to a range of commercial drivers, including bus drivers, truckers, and tow truck drivers. While most drivers in Georgia are charged with DUI if their blood-alcohol content (BAC) is at 0.08 percent or more, Georgia law and the FMCSA impose a lower level on commercial truck drivers.

Police officers will charge commercial drivers with DUI if their blood/alcohol concentration is just 0.04 percent. The BAC limit is half that of the legal limit for non-commercial drivers. Even a couple of alcoholic drinks with food will likely push you over the Georgia commercial DUI limit.

Can You Refuse a DUI Test as a Commercial Driver in Georgia?

Refusing a test as a commercial driver is a serious business in Georgia. If you decline a test, you are ineligible to have your commercial driver’s license reinstated for at least a year. That’s a big deal for a trucker or a bus driver whose livelihood depends on driving/ It’s the same consequence as failing the DUI test.

Commercial drivers who receive a second DUI conviction, or again refuse to take the test, face the loss of their CDL for the rest of their lives. The time between the convictions is irrelevant.

Despite the strict regulations relating to alcohol and commercial drivers, every year drunk truckers and bus drivers cause wrecks. The courts take these accidents seriously.

In Maine, a trucker who drove under the influence of alcohol and crashed, killing two people was recently sentenced to 25 years behind bars. Randall Weddle was convicted of 15 counts including manslaughter and operating under the influence.

Truck, bus, tow truck, and other commercial drivers who get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol or drugs face a serious predicament if they are charged.


For commercial drivers, the loss of a CDL and potential jail time represents the loss of their livelihoods. If you have been arrested for DUI, please call the Law Office of Michael West today at (404) 913-1529.