When you hire a personal injury lawyer in Georgia, you enter a legal process. An attorney can use various legal mechanisms to demand evidence and call on witnesses to testify under oath. Depositions and mediations play an important part in a car accident lawsuit in our state.

Depositions are one of the most important tools a personal injury lawyer uses. They form part of the process known as discovery in which you can demand details of the other side’s case.

Parties to a car accident are subjected to an oral examination by the attorneys in the case. Depositions give lawyers an opportunity to ask probing questions to discover what really happened in a car accident or other personal injury case.

In Georgia, lawyers can conduct depositions at any time during the discovery time. This is the six-month period of time after the filing of an answer. Notice of a deposition must contain the following information:

  • The time and the place;
  • The names of the parties required to attend.

Depositions are a powerful tool for people who were involved in accidents. An attorney can compel a witness who would otherwise be unwilling to attend via the power of subpoena.

If you were involved in an accident, you should expect to be deposed by the insurance company. You will give a sworn statement with a court reporter in attendance.

A deposition hearing can take as long as four hours. Discovery in Georgia can be a lengthy process, dragging on for up to 10 months.

Depositions can uncover new evidence and help establish the strength of your Georgia personal injury case.

The roles of both depositions and mediation in a Georgia car accident lawsuit are important.

Mediation is increasingly being used in more complicated cases to help work out a settlement.

Depositions and Mediations Play an Important Role

A mediator may be called on once all of the medical records and relevant documents in the case have been obtained, a lawsuit has been filed, and a settlement package is submitted to the insurance company.

Mediation is a confidential, voluntary method of resolving your legal battle with the insurance company.

Rather than a judge or jury, a neutral third party acts as the mediator in the personal injury case. Retired judges often take mediations. It can reduce costs. However, if mediation is unsuccessful the case may end up in the courtroom if a settlement is not reached. Mediation is becoming an increasingly popular way of resolving lawsuits in Georgia.

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