In December 2018, the driver of a tractor died when he was hit from behind by a dump truck in Peach County. Police said the driver of the dump truck failed to see the tractor on the rural road until it was too late. Georgia State Patrol said the tractor lacked the lights or reflective safety equipment on the back that are required by law.

Farm machinery accidents happen far too often in Georgia. On occasions, the equipment fails to comply with regulations.

Accidents involving farm equipment often occur early in the morning or at sunset as was the case in the recent wreck in Peach County.

Farmers frequently move equipment around at these times but the lack of natural lighting means farm workers are sitting targets. The low speed most tractors operate at puts farmer workers at risk. Often fast-moving vehicles have little time to brake when they round a curve and encounter farm machinery.

Head-on collisions are also common in these scenarios as drivers attempt to overtake slow-moving tractors. If you can’t see the road beyond a piece of farm machinery, don’t take the risk of overtaking.

Tractors are the most deadly piece of machinery, reports Modern Farmer. However, there are other causes of deaths and injuries.

Farm workers suffer injury and deaths in tractor rollovers as well as road accidents.

Driving a tractor on a slope, a slippery or rough terrain is a dangerous undertaking. Pulling a heavy load increases the dangers because the tractor can become unbalanced.

The Modern Farmer article suggests agricultural accidents often go underreported in the United States as well as in other countries.

Most Farm Machinery Accidents Involve Tractors

About 335,000 farm deaths are reported worldwide every year, according to the International Labour Organization.

Other dangerous pieces of farm equipment include choppers and hay bailers. The article notes silos and grain bins are hazardous places for farm workers, although they claim a tenth of the number of victims as tractors.

Farm workers have been suffocated and crushed with the weight of grain in these accidents.

Farm machinery accidents are often terrible and grisly by their nature. In some cases, the farm owners or operators fail to provide safe working conditions. Tractors may be poorly maintained or lack lights. Workers often lack the correct safety equipment.

In many cases, farm workers are young or they may be poorly paid, undocumented immigrants. According to Farm Bureau Georgia, as many as one in seven workers are employed in agriculture in the Peach State.

Agriculture puts more than $73 billion into the economy of Georgia every year. The state has more than 42,000 farms.

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