Truck driving is a dangerous profession. Truckers spend long hours on the road and drive in bad weather conditions. The recent death of a truck driver from Gainesville in Georgia highlights some of the dangers on the roads.

Roger Cole, 65, was killed in the fall in Indiana after he picked up a load. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, his truck rolled over.

The AJC report noted Cole was a veteran of the road who worked as an interstate truck driver most of his adult life. A loading issue may have caused his death.

The report noted he delivered a load from Metro Atlanta to Ohio. He then picked up a load in Indiana and was heading to Metro Atlanta. Indiana State Police said as he turned his semi onto the ramp for I-65 to head toward Georgia, the load shifted, causing the tractor-trailer to overturn. Cole died in the crash and was pronounced dead at the scene. Images from the scene showed the truck flipped over beside the highway.

The Numerous Potential Causes of a Death of a Truck Driver

This tragic incident highlights the dangers truckers face. Trucking companies have to follow stringent loading rules and must secure loads. Often they employ specialist loading companies.

When a poorly loaded truck causes a wreck, a trucking company, a loading company or another entity may be held liable.

Truck driving regularly appears in lists of the 10 most dangerous occupations in the United States. A report in noted 745 drivers lost their jobs on U.S. roads in 2016.

Transportation-related occupations account for just over a quarter of all work-related fatalities in most years, according to the U.S. Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Although truckers are responsible for the majority of big rig accidents, they are often victims of circumstances beyond their control like other drivers, defects on the truck or improper loading. The injuries associated with a truck wreck are often severe.

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