Self-driving cars are touted as an alternative to cars with drivers that will make our roads much safer. However, in recent months flaws in self-driving car technology have emerged that question whether drivers will ever be expendable.

So-called self-driving cars were involved in a spate of recent crashes. The technology is coming under renewed scrutiny. The Chicago Tribune noted how Tesla vehicles are equipped with a semi-autonomous Autopilot system. Uber is testing vehicles with multiple systems allowing control without much help from a driver. But they still require someone to be behind the wheel to react if anything goes wrong.

Concerns over self-driving car technology

Self-Driving Car Technology is Being Criticized

It’s very easy for the human’s attention to lapse with little to do.  Fatal wrecks this year in Arizona and California highlighted this problem.

Some commentators say the idea of a human being monitoring rather than controlling, is a backward step for safety.

In May, a self-driving Uber car killed a pedestrian in Arizona. The autonomous Uber failed to slow down as it struck a 49-year-old woman walking her bike across the street.

The death of Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, Arizona led to new questions about why the self-driving car did not stop when a human entered its path. Arizona encouraged the testing of self-driving cars.

A police investigation found the driver of the Volvo watched TV just before the fatal collision. Uber pulled out of its self-driving program in Arizona after the tragedy. However, the ride-hailing company wants to resume self-driving tests in Pennsylvania. The spate of accidents puts Uber and Tesla, in particular, under pressure. Although neither company has claimed its cars are self-driving, Tesla has boasted about its Autopilot feature. That technology is looking increasingly flawed as the number of deaths and injuries rises.

Georgia has not been in the forefront of the driverless car technology. However, the state could potentially be used for autonomous cars in the future.

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