T-bone accidents in Georgia are also known as side impact collisions. T-bone accidents can seriously hurt drivers and passengers because cars have less protection on their sides and their occupants often take the full force of a wreck.

T-bone accidents are more likely to occur at intersections. Often a vehicle goes through a red light and is involved in a collision, or a car fails to stop at a stop sign.

Over the past few decades, about 40 percent of all auto accidents in Georgia happened at intersections. As many as 2.5 million intersection crashes are reported every year, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

What are T-bone accidents in Georgia?

T-bone accidents in Georgia

The type of injuries sustained in T-bone accidents in Georgia includes head injuries, neck injuries, back injuries and fractures to the arms and legs. Ear injuries can be caused by broken glass and airbags.

We also see injuries to the abdomen and pelvis and injuries to internal organs and broken ribs.

Neck injuries are reported in as many as two-thirds of all claims. Studies suggest during a crash the head often remains static which causes the neck to absorb a considerable amount of force. The muscles and ligaments in the neck are stretched beyond their natural limits. Whiplash injuries are common in these kinds of scenarios, although they are most likely to occur in rear-end collisions.

Some intersections in Georgia see numerous T-bone collisions. Recently, a Channel 2 Action News report noted 180 crashes occurred in just two years along Powder Springs Street in Marietta between Cunningham Road and Baltimore Place.

Many drivers tried to make a left-hand turn across traffic near an intersection, causing numerous wrecks, the TV report noted.

The section of road was linked to severe congestion that can spark road rage and impatient driving. A large percentage of accidents occur at intersections.

Even at low speeds, T-bone accidents in Georgia can be devastating to drivers and passengers. If you or a family member has been hurt, please call the Law Office of Michael West at (404) 913-1529.