I-20 in Georgia runs from the Alabama state line to the Savannah River. A recent study highlights the stretch around Atlanta as the most deadly roadway in the state.

The research was detailed earlier this year in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Data for the study was derived from the federal Fatality Analysis Reporting System from 2013, 2014 and 2015, as well as U.S. Census numbers. The study only included stretches of highway where at least five fatal wrecks occurred within 2½ miles of each other.

No fewer than five deaths occurred on the 0.98-mile freeway section northwest of Summerhill during the timeframe of the research.

The hazards of I-20 in Atlanta

I-20 in Atlanta is identified as a dangerous highway

The study identified 427 fatal crashes on 277 miles of Georgia road over the three years of the study. In all, 460 people died.

Atlanta has the most dangerous roadways in the state. The AJC reported the city contained 13 of the worst stretches of highway, including six of the 10 most dangerous spots of the 57 listed in the research. The 13 stretches of road around Atlanta added up to almost 40 miles and accounted for 97 fatal crashes and 101 fatalities in the study.

Previous studies have highlighted the I-285 around Atlanta as being one of the deadliest interstates in the nation.

The AJC noted reported there were 2,867 fatal accidents on major American interstates in 2013, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Association.

I-285 circles Atlanta. The research found the stretch of just under 75 miles recorded a staggering 26 fatal accidents in the year of research and 29 deaths, giving it a rate of 3.5 fatal accidents per 10 miles.

Most of the deadliest interstates were in the southern states with Florida, Texas, and California dominating the list.

I-20 in Atlanta sees many chain-reaction crashes and wrecks involving multiple vehicles. In 2016, four trucks were involved in a wreck that killed two people in a pickup truck.

This deadly chain reaction began when a big rig eastbound hit a second tractor-trailer, which then crashed into the pickup truck, killing the driver and a passenger.

Highways like I-20 and I-285 are extremely dangerous and are full of tractor-trailers. Stop and go traffic makes these roads even more hazardous. If you have been hurt in a wreck in or around Atlanta, call our Georgia personal injury lawyers at (414) 913-1529.