Bond is often granted in Georgia criminal cases. However, there is no guarantee of release. Recently an alleged scammer was denied blond following allegations he submitted falsified police reports to credit agencies.

There are a number of reasons why a defendant may be denied bail in Georgia. Typically, offenders who are charged with extremely violent crimes who may pose a safety hazard are not released. However, there are other reasons.

Alleged scammer denied bond in Newnan

Alleged scammer was denied bond

Why an Offender May Be Denied Bail in Georgia

1 The defendant is a threat to the public

Defendants who are repeat offenders, serial killers, and other potentially dangerous individuals who are likely to pose a threat to public safety may be denied bail. The justice system would be letting down the public if dangerous offenders were released only to commit more violent crimes.

2 A defendant is on probation or parole

If an offender commits another crime when on parole or probation for a previous offense, the second offense is considered a violation. A judge may deny bail in these circumstances.

3 The defendant poses a flight risk

When a judge determines the accused is likely to leave the area if released, bail is likely to be denied. Releasing the accused to appear in court at a later date, no matter how serious his or her sentence, may be too much of a risk if the defendant is likely to try to escape.

4 The offense in question is serious

Even if a defendant is not deemed to be dangerous, people charged with very serious offenses may not make bail. Alternatively, the bail amount set for crimes like murder, manslaughter or major white collar crimes may be too high for the defendant to afford.

5 The accused is not a U.S. citizen

Under specific immigration laws, the accused may be denied bail if he or she is not a U.S. citizen. The individual might also be deported back to their home country, depending on the nature of the offense.

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