After contacting the emergency services and seeking medical help, many people who have been involved in a Georgia auto wreck will pick up the phone and talk to an insurance company. Alternatively, they may be called by the other side’s insurance company. Often people in this position are still shaken up by the accident and many make mistakes that will harm their case. Common car accident mistakes are dealt with in this post.

Although most of us will end up in a car accident at some point in our lives, we are often in denial about the prospect of it happening. We may not be ready for the financial and legal implications.

common car accident mistakes

Common car accident mistakes when talking to an insurance company

Here are some common car accident mistakes you may make when talking to an insurer.

1 Admitting blame

Even if you believe you were to blame or partly to blame for a car wreck, don’t admit it. You will not know the full facts. Unbeknown to you, the other driver may have been drunk. At the accident scene, you should not tell another driver or a police officer that the wreck was your fault. Stick to the facts. An insurance company will try to get you to admit blame. If you have been injured in a wreck, it makes sense to talk to an experienced Georgia car accident lawyer before you talk to an insurance company.

2 Lying or Exaggerating

You should always stick to the facts after a Georgia auto accident whether you are talking to a police officer or an insurer. While it’s natural to want to explain what happened, less can be more when you are giving statements.

Drivers should give answers honestly but be careful about volunteering unsolicited details about the crash.

If you are not truthful about crash details, it may harm your future personal injury claims.

3 Accepting the First Offer

The first offer made to you by an insurance adjuster is likely to be very low and may not meet your medical needs. You should be very cautious about accepting the first offer you receive. A personal injury lawyer will be able to assess your injuries and put an accurate value on your loss.

4 Underestimating Your Medical Needs

If you dismiss your medical issues, you may lose out. Often directly after a car wreck, the adrenaline can mask pain. You should not tell a police investigator or other parties that you are fine. You should not talk figures with the insurance company before your medical condition has been properly assessed. Symptoms of brain injuries do not always manifest themselves and a serious and life-altering condition may be overlooked.

5 Missing The Deadline to Make a Claim

Georgia, like other states, has a Statute of Limitations. You should file a claim well before this expires. In Georgia, you have two years to file a lawsuit in civil court. The insurance company may seek to delay deliberations in the hope that the Statute of Limitations expired.

Dealing with the insurance company after a Georgia car wreck is always unnerving. The insurance adjuster is an expert in claims. You may know very little. It makes sense to hire an experienced Newnan injury lawyer. Call the Law Office of Michael West at (404) 913-1529.