At a time when deaths on the highways of Georgia and elsewhere are on the rise, it’s not always apparent that cars are becoming safer. Recently, The Drive highlighted the safest cars on the road.

The article pointed out that over a century of technological advances led to cars capable of protecting fragile human bodies from some of the worst effects of high-speed crashes.

Of course, deaths and injuries still occur. However, features like airbags, safety belts, traction control and crumple zone led to safer cars that saved thousands of lives.

You only have to compare today’s cars with the brittle machines of the 1970s which lacked protection to realize how far we have come. More recently, carmakers started more advanced safety features to cars like pop-up hoods that protect pedestrians to semi-autonomous features like active emergency braking, lane departure warning signals, and rearview cameras.

The move toward self-driving cars promises more.  Automatic braking systems and other safeguards are intended to prevent crashes. Volvo has pledged that no one will die in one of its vehicles after 2020. That’s an ambitious boast at a time when highway deaths are rising.

outlining the safest cars on the road

Survey highlights the safest cars on the road

The top 10 safest cars on the road in 2017 were highlighted as:

  •        The Mercedes-Benz E Class
  •        The Honda Accord
  •        The Subaru Impreza
  •        The Chevrolet Volt
  •        The Genesis G-80
  •        The Volvo S-60
  •        The Nissan Maxima
  •        The Subaru Legacy
  •        The Kia Optima
  •        The Acura MDX

The results were published after the team at The Drive rounded up a list of the 10 safest cars on sale in America at present. The team looked at data the federal government’s National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, or NHTSA, and the independent research body the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, or IIHS.

The team took every car the NHTSA gave a five-star crash test rating and a five-star rating in all three specific crash tests: side impact, front impact, and the rollover predicted crash test.

From the IIHS, The Drive considered the highest ranking of Top Safety Pick + cars. This indicator signifies good ratings in five separate crash tests, top marks in front crash prevention, and a powerful showing for headlight brightness.

The team put cars on both lists on its shortlist and then did road tests.

If you are buying a car in Georgia safety may be a consideration but it may be only one of many. A lot of people own older cars and there can be very real concerns about deterioration and dangers. They are not going to be driving the safest cars on the road.

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