If you are driving a car there is no need to wear special clothing to protect you. However, if you are a motorcyclist, the gear you wear can be the difference between life and death or at least serious injury. Here is some clothing that will make you safer on a motorcycle.


In Georgia, wearing a helmet is not just about protection. It’s the law. Although wearing a helmet is not mandatory in all states, numerous studies point out wearing a helmet will increase your chances of surviving a crash.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration points out riders wearing a helmet have a 37 percent better chance of surviving a crash than those who do not.

Helmets also offer protection from bad weather, debris, and bugs which can be distracting and cause crashes.

Additional Eye Protection

You don’t need additional eye protection like goggles if you wear a full-face helmet. However, if you wear a skull cap or an open face helmet, you should wear glasses or goggles to protect your eyes. Sunglasses can be worn during the day but should be changed at night to clear or partially tinted glasses. Make sure glasses provide UV protection and are made of a material that will not shatter.

How clothing can make it safer on a motorcycle

Gear to make it safer on a motorcycle


If you ride a motorcycle in flip-flops of other flimsy footwear, you could end up hurt. Look for sturdy boots with uppers tall enough to cover the ankles. Low heels will give you greater control. Aim to buy boots with non-skid soles to grip the pavement and your bike’s foot pegs. Boots offer greater protection from objects flying up off the road and burns from hot exhaust pipes.


A protective jacket is an important item for a motorcycle rider. Consider the weather conditions. Ideally, buy a jacket for riders. Make sure it’s made of a material that will send up to an abrasion during a crash. A smooth jacket will help you slide rather than being caught on the road.

Consider thick leather and newer materials like Kevlar that are stronger and will offer more protection. Also, consider a brighter jacket which will make it easier for other road users to see you.


Even in warm weather, you should wear gloves when riding a motorcycle. If you live in an area with marked season changes, consider owning summer and winter gloves.

Riding gloves help protect your hands and wrists from debris on the road, as well as offering protection if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.


Sturdy pants like leathers offer additional protection on the road. Consider pants made specifically for riders. Road rash is a common injury experienced by motorcyclists when they crash. Pants can’t eliminate the risk of road rash or a more serious leg injury in a motorcycle accident. But they can alleviate some of the effects. Some motorcycle pants have additional safety features like plastic armor at the hips and knees.

If you don’t have motorcycle pants at least wear very heavy jeans. Shorts or dress pants will offer minimal protection against the road.

Gear for Bad Weather

Unlike other motorists, bikers must be prepared to wear gear for bad weather. Have rain gear that’s compactable and easily stored and choose bright colors to make you visible. If you live in an area where extremely cold weather can set in choose thermal underwear to wear and make sure you have a snug jacket and pants. Discomfort and cold while driving can be distracting and lead to crashes.

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