Industrial accidents can be very serious and life-threatening in Georgia. Tragically, a worker lost his life when he was caught in machinery in a recent accident in Dalton.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported the 51-year-old man died on the job in October when he was caught in a piece of machinery, officials said.

The victim was identified as Jesus Pimentel. He was an employee of Shaw Industries in Dalton.

The AJC report said he got caught between a moving part of a machine and a stationary steel I-beam, according to Whitfield County Coroner Greg Bates. Pimentel was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bates said the official cause of death was likely to be a blunt-force trauma injury to the head. Bates said Pimental was trying to get a piece of carpet or a similar material out of a machine. Another worker threw him a piece of rope. When he bent over to get it, he was caught in the machine.

Georgia worker is caught in machinery

Man dies when he is caught in machinery

The AJC noted Shaw Industries is a flooring products manufacturer. It is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Bruce Frazier, a Dalton police spokesman, said the death is accidental and police are not investigating it.

Our thoughts are with the family of the worker who tragically lost his life after he was caught in machinery.

Georgia has a considerable amount of industry. Although conditions are safer than decades ago, we still read regularly about industrial accidents.

In the fall, a serious explosion at a chemical plant left one worker dead in Augusta. Fire Chief Chris James said one worker died and two other were transported to a local hospital after undergoing a decontamination process.

Augusta Fire Department suggested an explosion occurred involving a stationary liquid tank at DSM Resins plant. No visible fire was reported. One person was inside the tank and another was reported missing.

Typically, industrial accidents follow a failure of supervision or inadequate work protocols. When things go wrong at dangerous sites like chemical works, building sites, power plants, shipyards or landfill sites, the injuries suffered can be horrendous.

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