New research has pointed to a rise in pedestrian deaths in Georgia with the most significant increase seen on interstates.

The research found pedestrian fatalities rose 11 percent in 2017 from last year on Georgia roads, according to the state Department of Transportation.

In metro Atlanta, a worrying trend left puzzled law enforcement officers and transportation leaders questioning why people are trying to cross interstates on foot? On roads such as I-20 in Atlanta, alarming numbers of pedestrians are crossing the interstate.  Six people were killed on the city’s interstates in a matter of weeks.

Natalie Dale, a GDOT spokeswoman, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it is often difficult to establish a motive because the pedestrians died.

Georgia pedestrian deaths increase

Georgia pedestrian deaths rise

The victims include Tommy Lee Jenkins who was carrying a tray of food. He made it to the third lane, according to witnesses, before he attempted to run back across I-20. He was hit by a van and died from his injuries.

Although drivers can be held liable for deaths and injuries to pedestrians on crosswalks, some of the victims darted unexpectedly across busy interstates, baffling family members, and the police.

Carlos Campos, a spokesman for Atlanta police, told the AJC.

“Unfortunately, due to the high rate of speed most vehicles are traveling, pedestrians often do not survive injuries sustained when struck on interstates.”

A case in point was the death of Kaden Campbell, a Georgia Tech freshman on Nov. 10.

Campbell was trying to cross the Downtown Connector when he was hit and killed. Family members said they had no idea why this promising student was crossing a busy road.

In some cases, the victims have been homeless people with a history of alcohol abuse.

Atlanta has a reputation for being a city that’s dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. However, in recent years planners sought to improve safety due to measures such as the Midtown Core Transportation Plan.

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