Most drivers know they are breaking the law if they speed or run a red light. However, there are some more obscure Georgia traffic laws that drivers may not realize they are violating.

In 2014, for example, Georgia passed a “Slowpoke Law.” The legislation says if cars start lining up behind you, you move out of the left lane or get a citation. Not many drivers realize it’s still the case even if you are driving at the speed limit.

Slow drivers should not linger in the left lane, even if they are traveling the speed limit. This law makes sense because drivers who are behind a slower car in the passing lane often become impatient. They may tailgate or pass on the right, both of which can cause accidents.

Georgia’s “move-over law” is another little-known piece of legislation. Although a lot of people realize they need to move over for police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances, the law also now applies to yellow lights on pick-up trucks, Department of Transportation Highway Emergency Response Operator vans and garbage trucks.

Violating Georgia traffic laws

Drivers are violating obscure Georgia traffic laws

Cpl. Guy Fedak, with the Savannah-Chatham police, told

 “People have been moving over for the blue lights, but not for amber lights. The law applies to all emergency vehicles and HERO wrecker services with the yellow lights.”

More than 30 states have similar laws. In many, this legislation has been widened to cover tow truck drivers and highway maintenance vehicles.

If heavy traffic does not permit you to move over, the law says you should slow down to 10 miles per hour below the speed limit.

Even fewer drivers in Georgia are aware that it’s illegal to use the center lane to merge into traffic.

A center lane cannot be legally used for any purpose except making a left turn in Georgia. Drivers should not enter it before they are 300 feet from the location where they will turn left under Georgia law.

Fedak said drivers often use the center lane to merge into traffic or they will enter it before they are legally permitted to do so. The law states it can only be used for left turns and it cannot be used as a merge lane.

Many people think there is a law forbidding drivers to be behind the wheel without shoes. Although this is not the case, you cannot drive while wearing headphones. This is a form of distracted driving. Find out more about distracted driving in Georgia on our website.

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