Motorcycles are fun, freeing and usually cheap to ride and maintain.  The downside of riding a motorcycle is the lack of protection compared to driving in a car. In this blog, we look at the leading causes of motorcycle accidents.

There are a number of common causes of motorcycle accidents which are not always the same as the causes of car wrecks. While riders may be at fault for speeding, taking a curve to fast or splitting lanes, car and truck drivers often fail to notice riders.

Leading causes of motorcycle accidents

Main causes of motorcycle accidents

Here are five leading causes of motorcycle accidents.

1 Blind Spots At Intersections

One of the major causes of serious and fatal wrecks is when car, SUV, or truck drivers simply fail to see a rider. This is often the case when drivers make left turns and fail to see a rider approaching.

Common places where blind spot collisions happen are while passing or at intersections.  If you are a rider, you should be cautious at intersections. Never give the driver the benefit of the doubt. Assume he or she may fail to see you and turn anyway.

2 Hitting Gravel or Mud

If you are driving a car gravel or mud on the road may not be a big deal. As a motorcyclist, gravel can be a death sentence.

The most dangerous situation may be when you ride around a curve and suddenly hit gravel, sand, mud or another substance on the road.

Motorcyclists can avoid this danger by keeping their speed down, particularly on curves. You should ride at a pace in which your reaction time is within your range of vision.

3 Motorcycle Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is described as when a rider drives between two lanes of stopped or very slowly moving cars, usually in congested conditions.

It’s a common cause of motorcycle wrecks because of the close proximity between cars and motorcycles and the little room a rider has to maneuver.

Often car drivers will not anticipate a rider approaching during stopped traffic and may not see a rider when changing lanes.

Lane splitting is a common cause of motorcycle accidents due to several factors.

If a wreck occurs while a motorcycle is lane splitting, whether the motorcycle or the car or truck driver is to blame depends on whether lane splitting is lawful in that state, the report of the police officer the actions of both parties before the accident took place.

 4 Dooring

Drivers or passengers opening a car door of a parked vehicle is a serious cause of motorcycle accidents. It’s a leading cause of cycling accidents as bicyclists often ride even closer to stationary cars.

As a rider, you should constantly be on the lookout for people who will be opening their doors. If a motorcyclist traveling at a high speed is hit by a car door, the consequences can be serious or even fatal.

Don’t ride too close to cars. There have been even been reports of drivers who are angry about lane splitting deliberately opening their car doors.

5 Bad Weather

As a rider, you should be aware of the weather forecast. While car or truck drivers are protected from the elements, bad weather can impact a motorcyclist more seriously.

The rider may get soaked in downpours and fast-moving drivers may end up splashing water on you. Visibility is bad during these conditions and the road may get slippery and cause riders to lose their grip.

As a motorcyclist, there are many precautions you should take to cut down on your chances of being a statistic.

Far too many riders lose their lives in Georgia. If you have been hurt in a Georgia motorcycle crash or if you lost a loved one please call (404) 913-1529.