Georgia police officers face daily danger when they are on highway patrol duties. Often they are victims of the accidents they police.

Recently in Georgia’s Forsyth County, a deputy was transported to a local hospital after another car hit his patrol vehicle.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office reported that the deputy, Ron Reeves was sitting in his patrol car on the shoulder of Ga. State Route 400 when a 2005 Ford Focus crashed into the back of his car.

Reeves had been working on traffic enforcement at the time of this crash.

Georgia Police Officers Are At Risk on Highways

Georgia Police Officers Face Dangers

Pictures from the scene showed a severely mangled patrol car. Reeves reportedly suffered serious injuries in the wreck. It was not clear from the reports whether they were life-threatening. He was transported to the hospital and is recovering.

The 27-year-old driver of the other car was suspected of being under the influence of alcohol during the crash, police said officials said.

A report on Fox 5 said the driver who hit Reeves was driving on a suspended and revoked driver’s license. He is considered a habitual violator, according to police.

The at-fault driver was transported to a local hospital for the treatment of nonlife-threatening injuries. The Georgia State Patrol was reported to be investigating the crash.

Traffic deaths remain one of the most significant causes of deaths and injuries to police officers. In a recent report, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund examined the deaths of  684 police officers over a five-year period.

The report noted that 272 officers lost their lives after they were involved in an automobile crash or hit by a car. The report said many of these incidents were not related to either an emergency call for service or a case of self-initiated activity.

The report recommended law enforcement agencies encourage police to slow down when responding to calls, in particular Officer Needs Assistance calls which resulted in 53 percent of police officer traffic-related deaths.

It highlighted the importance of officers wearing seat belts as well as body armor to cut down on fatalities.

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