As cars get older they become more prone to accidents if they are not properly maintained.

When a car breaks down on a busy highway like the interstates around Atlanta, drivers and passengers can be placed in danger.

Here are seven most dangerous on your car that you ignore at your peril.

Car dangers you should not ignore

Common car dangers

1 The Timing Belt

The timing belt will snap if you don’t replace it. Often a broken timing belt will ruin your engine. If your pistons are bent at high speeds, your car will may lose power suddenly and may be struck or you may lose control.

2 Worn Tires

Tires take a lot of wear and tear. You should not assume they will go on forever. Check the tread regularly and check the tire pressure every couple of week.

Look out for tears and issues like a shaky ride that could indicate a problem with the tires. Get your tires rotated regularly so as wear is more even.

In some cases, tires may be defective. Tire manufacturers have been sued for blowouts that caused deaths and serious injuries.

3 Malfunctioning Brakes

Brakes are one of the most important safety features on your car. However, far too many drivers ignore the warning signs and drive with defective brakes, increasing the chances of being in an accident.

If your car swerves when braking, it’s a sign that your brake pads are wearing unevenly. A high-pitched squealing sound means your brake pads are wearing thin and need replacing.

Ideally get your brakes checked as part of your regular service.

4 Worn Windshield Wipers

Unlike timing belts, brakes and tires, windshield wipers are a relatively inexpensive item to fix. They also play a vital role. If your wiper fails in wet weather, visibility is reduced to almost zero and driving is highly dangerous. Check your wipers regularly for wear and tear.

5 Burned Out Lights

Lights are another quick and cheap fix. If a light is out on your car, the problem is usually a burned out bulb that can be replaced easily. If a blinker or brake light is out, driving is more dangerous because other drivers may not realize your intentions.

A malfunctioning light will also attract the attention of law enforcement. Act immediately to replace lights.

6 Rust

Rust remains a problem in older vehicles and is one of the most common car dangers. You should maintain the body and other parts of your car and keep them fully polished or lubricated. If rust accumulates on the body of your car it can damage its structural integrity. The body of the car may offer you less protection if you are in an accident.

7 Maintain Fluid Levels

Make sure to regularly check oil, coolant, brake fluid, and screen wash levels. These are all important fluids. If your car is out of oil, the engine can be ruined. Brake fluid levels are vital to safeguard the people in your car.

All too often drivers in Georgia fail to pay attention to their car until it’s too late. We often read about drivers who are trying to replace a failed tire by the roadside when they are hit and killed and injured.

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