Fatal accidents on the roads around Newnan are always tragic. Police say a recent death was linked to a road rage incident.

A family from Grantville lost a daughter and mother to a car crash in the summer. Police said this was an entirely preventable tragedy.

A report in the Newnan Times-Herald stated 32-year-old Jessica Jones lost her life when her Ford Expedition crashed into the back of a tractor-trailer in August.

The truck was parked in the right travel lane of I-85 southbound near mile marker 46, according to Trooper 1st Class Chris Davison.

Police say the truck stopped on the highway due to a road rage incident. The driver of a Nissan Quest tried to stop the trucker after a rock cracked his windshield. He blamed the truck.

Witnesses said the Nissan driver pulled around the truck and started slowing down until both vehicles came to a stop in the southbound lane of I-85, near the right-hand emergency lane.

Road Rage Incident proved fatal

Toad Rage Incident is Linked to the Death of a Mother

The Nissan driver got out of his car to confront the driver of the tractor-trailer. At that point, the Ford being driven by Jose crashed into the back of the big rig, killing her instantly, police said.

Jose was traveling around 68 mph at the time of the accident. She was killed instantly.

The Nissan driver and the driver of the tractor-trailer were not injured.

The Newnan Times-Herald reported Juan Roberto Marquez, the Nissan driver was later arrested and charged with vehicular homicide, aggressive driving, reckless driving, sudden stop or decrease of vehicle speed without a signal, and pedestrian on a highway. He ended up at the Coweta County Jail without bond.

These kinds of crashes are always tragic. Our thoughts are with the family of Jessica Jones, who was reported to be on her way to a job interview. The death left the family facing an acute financial crisis.

Road rage incidents occur all too commonly in Georgia. Earlier in the summer, police said a driver was shot dead in Atlanta in a road rage crash.

Often road rage incidents are sparked by a minor infraction or another event and they escalate quickly. Drivers can lose perspective. You should always think of the consequences of your action and never put other road users in additional danger.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a road rage incident, please contact our Newnan personal injury lawyer for a free consultation.