Accidents involving dump trucks are often extremely serious. Although we don’t hear about as many wrecks involving dump trucks in Georgia as those involving tractor-trailers, these vehicles are extremely dangerous.

Dump trucks are bulky and have many blind spots. Other motorists who are involved in accidents with these vehicles often suffer horrendous injuries or lose their lives. Truck drivers themselves may also be vulnerable.

Over the summer, a dump truck driver who worked in Lithonia in Georgia to feed his three children in Jamaica lost his life.

Dump Trucks in Georgia

The Dangers of Dump Trucks in Georgia

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Neil Gayle drove dump trucks for G&T Trucking. He drove trucks for two decades before the crash that claimed his life.

The AJC reported he was heading out to pick up asphalt in Covington. He was driving his dump truck along Harold Dobbs Road when another dump truck behind crashed into him.

The other truck was being driven by his friend. Both of the trucks plunged off a bridge and into a river. Gayle was thrown out of his truck.

The AJC reported Gayle ended up in the river with his heavy truck on top of him. This was a terrible accident and our thoughts are with the family of this driver.

Gayle’s friend suffered minor injuries. The AJC reported he was from New Jersey and may not have been familiar with the roads.

This tragic accident highlights how easy it is to lose control of a dump truck.

Dump trucks are often associated with construction projects. However, they are common sights on the open road.

These vehicles may slow suddenly or emerge from a construction site entrance or a landfill. If you are driving on the highways of Georgia, you should look out for dump trucks.

The trucking industry has resisted moves to improve safety measures. Many dump trucks are subjected to harsh conditions and extreme wear and tear. In some cases, a trucking company may have failed to maintain its vehicles in a safe condition or failed to have trained drivers.

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