Industrial accidents in Georgia are frequently very serious, causing grave injuries or death to workers. Industry uses heavy equipment and dangerous chemicals and workers can face dangers like burns or electrocution.

In the fall, an explosion at a chemical plant left one worker dead. The Aiken Standard reported one worker was inside a tank when an explosion occurred. Augusta Fire Chief Chris James said one person died and two other plant workers were transported to a local hospital after undergoing decontamination process due to chemical exposure.

A report from the Augusta Fire Department suggested an explosion occurred involving a stationary liquid tank at DSM Resins plant with no visible fire. One person was inside the tank and one person was reported missing.

Industrial accidents in Georgia

Industrial accidents in Georgia

The victim inside the tank was found and removed and transported to the hospital along with another victim. The TV station reported a missing worker was found about 75 feet from the tank that exploded. He was deceased.

Plant personnel said the tank contained wastewater. It was leaking but was located within a containment dike. Following the removal of the victims from the scene, the plant was determined to be safe.

Media reports stated welders were reported to be working on a plate onto the outside of a non-pressurized wastewater collection tank. They were installing a handrail.

The media report said the atmosphere around the tank was tested but no tests were carried out inside the tank. Reports stated the workers did not know what gas was building up in the tank but it was combustible.

Coroner Mark Bowen identified the victim as Steven Gonsalves, 29, of Beech Island.

Usually, industrial accidents stem from a failure of supervision or inadequate work protocols. When things go wrong at dangerous sites such as chemical works, power plants, building sites, shipyards or landfill sites, the injuries sustained can be horrendous.

Often an employer or a contractor can be liable for personal injuries and an injured worker or his or her family in the case of a wrongful death, can file a lawsuit as well as a workers’ compensation claim.

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