Car wrecks are very stressful for all parties involved. You may be angry or injured. However, in some instances, a harrowing scenario becomes a tragedy when parties lose their cool. In one of the most recent episodes of road rage in Georgia, a driver lost his life.

A deadly shooting occurred in DeKalb County in June, reported Fox News.

Police said the killing followed a relatively minor fender bender on the side of Interstate

Drivers said they were shocked to find out that the incident caused a man to be shot to death on the side of Interstate 285.

Investigators said the incident unfolded when a beige pickup truck rear-ended a silver Lexus. The impact was only slight, according to police. The incident occurred during a rush hour evening in June.

Road rage in Georgia

Road rage in Georgia

Police said the driver of the Lexus got out of his car and was shot dead by the pickup driver.

DeKalb County resident Chery Simkins told WSB-TV the incident highlighted how on edge many drivers were during the busy commute. She said:

“A little fender bender makes them want to get out and shoot. That’s the problem with everybody being able to have a gun.”

Investigators closed down three lanes of traffic while they gathered evidence at the scene of the homicide.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution identified the victim as Chris Ervin from Stone Mountain.

The AJC reported after he was rear-ended, Ervin exited his car and approached Johnnie Hudson, who then fired at Ervin through his driver’s side window. It is unclear if words were exchanged between the men before the killing.

Police gave advice to anyone who is involved in an accident in Georgia, no matter how minor.

They advised motorists to remain in their vehicles, call 911 and wait for police to arrive.

Often in the aftermath of a car wreck tempters flare. Although road rage incidents are not common, they happen more often than many people believe.

According to The Trace, road rage shooting incidents of this nature are increasing on the highways of America.

An analysis found road rage incidents involving firearms doubled since 2014.

Road rage is still more likely to manifest itself in dangerous driving practices.

2014 study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found half of all drivers deliberately tailgated another vehicle, yelled at another driver, or honked a horn in a display or anger or annoyance at least once in the past 12 months.

These kinds of actions can cause an accident or an escalation of tempers. You should try to keep your cool and avoid using your horn needlessly or making rude gestures.

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