Jet skis are some of the most dangerous vessels that operate on the waterways of Georgia. Over the summer months, these accidents typically spike.

Recently, in McCormick County in South Carolina, a jet ski accident resulted in the death of a woman, reported the TV station WFXG.

Capt. Robert McCullough with South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said alcohol may have been a factor in the fatal incident.

Jet ski accidents have also occurred on lakes in Georgia. Lake Lanier is one of the worst places in the state for boating accidents.

Fatal jet ski accidents in Georgia

Fatal jet ski accidents are a concern in Georgia

In 2014, a jury in Georgia convicted a man who fatally wounded pop singer Usher’s 11-year-old stepson in a jet ski collision on Lake Lanier in 2012 and sentenced him to four years in prison, according to Rolling Stone.

Jeffrey Simon Hubbard, 40, was convicted of homicide by vessel after the incident that claimed the life of Kile Glover and hurt a 15-year-old girl. The defendant was also convicted of serious injury by vessel, unlawful operation of a personal watercraft and boat traffic violation, according to the report in Rolling Stone.

We have previously noted the dangers of the popular Lake Lanier north of Atlanta. Kile and the girl were in an inner tube. Hubbard ran over on his jet ski. Glover succumbed to his injuries two weeks after the crash.

Jet skis are also referred to as personal watercraft. Every year dozens of people are killed and far more are injured in jet ski accidents. In 2012, 44 people were killed on personal watercraft.

Fatal Jet Ski Accidents – What Precautions Can You Take?

The United States Coast Guard (USCG), states jet skis have a higher collision rate than any other type of boat. It notes.

  • Jet ski operators often lack experience. Many of them will allow novices or young people to take a jet ski out on the water without any safety education or special instructions. Most jet ski accidents involve operators aged 11-20 states the Coast Guard. More than 70 percent were riding less than an hour when their accidents occurred.
  • Jet skis lack maneuverability at low speeds and have very little high-speed maneuverability if the throttle is suddenly closed. When a jet ski operator releases a throttle to avoid another boat or a swimmer, he or she may lose the ability to turn and may cause a collision.
  • Jet ski operators may engage in risky behaviors like wake jumping or making sudden turns. When these maneuvers go wrong, they can suffer serious injuries like fractures or worse.
  • Jet skis are associated with having a good time in the summer. Operators may have been drinking alcohol.

If you are going out on the water on a jet ski, make sure you have had training. Always wear a life jacket and don’t drink alcohol before going out on the water.

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