Incidents in which cars and trucks crash into buildings occur more often than we may think. Recently, diners were injured when a van crashed into an Atlanta restaurant.

Several people were reported injured in August after a nine-car crash in Dahlonega ended with a van crashing into a Moe’s restaurant close to the University of North Georgia.

The crash occurred at the intersection of South Chestatee Street and Morrison Moore Parkway in front of the restaurant, according to the Lumpkin County sheriff’s office.

A report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution noted the driver of a Chevrolet Express cargo van caused a chain reaction crash.

The van driver then crashed into the restaurant, according to the Georgia State Patrol said. The driver was reported to be heading east on Morrison Moore Parkway.

Emergency service crews removed the van from the restaurant. The AJC report stated two people inside the restaurant sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Police say van crashed into An Atlanta restaurant

A van crashed into An Atlanta restaurant

A Dahlonega city worker was injured as he tried to get out of the way of the vehicles, GSP said.

Officials did not specify how many people were injured but said that none of the motorists appeared to have life-threatening injuries.

Four of the people injured in vehicles involved in the accident were taken to Chestatee Hospital in Dahlonega. Three other victims were taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

When we think of car accidents, we usually think of wrecks on the highway.

However, the extent of crashes of vehicles into buildings is underplayed. A report in Risk Management noted a vehicle crashes into a commercial building as often as 60 times a day in the United States.

Typically, these crashes are the result of driver error. The premises in question usually point toward a street or a parking lot.

Although they are built with the convenience of the customer in mind, it’s a design strategy that can leave shoppers or customers vulnerable.

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