Drivers in the United States often take long summer road trips. It’s not unusual for families from the north east to travel all the way to Florida. By the time they pass through Georgia, drivers are often tired and kids are fractious. It can be a recipe for car wrecks.

You can’t ever eliminate the danger of becoming a statistic but you can take some precautions to safeguard yourself and your family. Make a safety checklist for your summer road trip and implement it.

A summer road trip safety list

Follow a check list for your summer road trip

Here are some items that should be on your summer road trip checklist.

1 Check Your Tires

Wrecks caused by blow outs can be very serious and sometimes fatal. You should always check your tires before embarking on a long road trip. Make sure there is plenty of tread on your tires. They should also be inflated in line with the manufacturer’s air pressure recommendation on the tire.

You should also check the spare too. There’s nothing worse than needing to replace a tire only to find the spare is missing or deflated.

2 Make Sure The Air Conditioning Works

Summers are notoriously hot in the south. You should be sure your air conditioning is working properly. The compressor should be working properly and your coolant levels should be topped up.

3 Ensure Your Brakes Work

If your brakes make a noise or you have been told by your mechanic the pads are wearing down, this may be the time to get them replaced. Defective brakes are a major cause of accidents and your reactions may be sluggish if you have been driving for hours.

4 Inspect Windshield Wiper Blades

The summers in the south are notorious for their sudden downpours in the afternoon. A rain shower can turn the road slippery and reduce visibility to almost zero. If your wipers are worn, they may not clear the windshield properly, impairing your visibility. Make sure you check your wipers.

5 Have Roadside Assistance

Even if you have a new car, it’s not immune to breaking down. If you are heading on a summer road trip, you should have breakdown assistance. Make sure your policy allows you to be towed to a safe place. Providers like AAA provide a wide range of packages.

5 Have a Map as a Back-Up

The days when we relied on maps to plot our routes have long gone. However, you should not always rely only on your GPS or cell phone. The charge may run down or you may lose a signal in mountainous parts of Georgia.

An up to date map will provide you with backup for your road trip.

6 Check Lights and Indicators

Make sure all of your lights and indicators are working. If your indicators or brake lights are out, other vehicles may not realize your intention. You should take your car to a garage for a full service before your summer road trip.

7 Check Your Auto Insurance Policy

Make sure your auto insurance is up to date and covers other items you may take on vacation like motorcycles, boats and jet skis. It’s important to have a comprehensive policy as opposed to the bare minimum in case you are hurt in an automobile accident.

Remember to always leave plenty of time to get to your destination; don’t drive distracted or drunk. The holidays can be particularly dangerous times to travel.  Please contact the Office of Michael West here at (404) 913-1529 if you have been injured in an automobile crash.