Filing for bankruptcy can be an intimidating process, and one that Georgians should not begin with giving it a lot of thought and consideration.  Many of our clients have lots of questions about the process and its consequences such as “Can I buy a house if I file for bankruptcy?”, “Can I keep my home in a bankruptcy?” and “What happens to my credit after a bankruptcy?”

These are great questions and these and many other factors must be taken into careful consideration when deciding whether to file bankruptcy – and this is where having a lawyer help you during this process can be very beneficial.

The first obstacle a bankruptcy lawyer can help you overcome is evaluating whether or not filing for bankruptcy is good idea considering your own personal circumstances.  Many Georgians are experiencing a lot of difficulty in paying their household bills and meeting their financial obligations due to the recent economic collapse.  However, filing for bankruptcy may not be best the best option for everyone who is looking for ways to alleviate their financial stress.  For instance, if your debt is largely stemming from student loans, unfortunately at this time filing for bankruptcy will not help you as student debt cannot be forgiven by bankruptcy except in very limited circumstances.  On the other hand, if you have mostly credit card debt, in most cases bankruptcy can help you discharge your debt and restart with a clean financial slate.  A good bankruptcy lawyer will be able to explain these options to you and help you reach a decision that best fits your financial goals and household needs.

Another obstacle a bankruptcy lawyer can help you with is correctly filing all of the necessary paperwork and doing so in a timely fashion.  The bankruptcy court system requires applicants to file a bankruptcy petition with different schedules that outlines all of the person’s debts and sources of income.  An experienced bankruptcy lawyer has filed these documents hundreds of times and knows all of the tips and tricks to be able to prepare and file all of your paperwork correctly and on time (because abiding by court deadlines is very, very important to any case).

An additional benefit of working with a bankruptcy lawyer is that you will have representation and an advocate for your legal rights during all of the bankruptcy proceedings and hearings.  Talking to a judge can be intimidating for some Georgians and your bankruptcy attorney will be able to prepare you for all of the court hearings and will help you have your answers ready for any questions you may be asked.

There are many other advantages to hiring a bankruptcy lawyer and our office would be happy to explain these benefits to you.  Contact our office today to speak to a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney about your case and options.  We look forward to speaking with you!