The USCIS has now released the application forms for the Obama deferred action program and is accepting requests as of August 15, 2012, pursuant to the guidelines released on June 15, 2012 and again on August 3, 2012 by Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security.  It is important that applicants understand the eligibility requirements prior to applying to avoid errors or rejection of their application.

If you are in a removal proceeding, have a final order or you are applying for deferred action for the very first time, you are eligible to submit a request and application on Form I-821D. You must also file Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, and Form I-765WS. Applicants are reminded that they must provide biometrics and pass a background check. There is a filing fee of $465.00, which includes $380.00 for forms I-821D, I-765 and I-765 work sheet, and an $85.00 biometric service fee. All forms must be submitted to the USCIS lockbox facility. For more information, you can also visit the USCIS’s website at

Persons who think they may be eligible for deferred action should contact  my office to assist with the preparation and filing of their request and application. Using an immigration attorney ensures that your application is completed properly and submitted in accordance with the USCIS’s guidelines.

An attorney is an expert in immigration laws and understands the various processes that are involved. Since there is currently no appeal if you get denied, it is recommended that you hire a Georgia immigration attorney to protect your interests and rights and make sure your application does not get rejected because you forgot to answer a question or you answered something wrong.

Immigration matters are complex. Hiring an immigration attorney to assist you or your family with other immigration matters such as visas, green cards and waivers is highly recommended. If you have any immigration concerns contact my office immediately.

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