When you have an initial consultation with your Georgia personal injury attorney, you should ask about the type of services the attorney will perform for you, how long the case will take to settle and the attorney’s fee arrangement.

Most personal injury lawyers charge a contingent fee to their clients. So when you hire a Georgia personal injury automobile attorney to handle your accident case on a contingency fee basis, this means that you do not have to pay the attorney’s legal fees unless you are successful in reaching a settlement in your favor. Any compensation paid to the attorney is typically a percentage of the future settlement you may receive.

Generally, you are responsible for paying out of pocket costs for things such as court filing fees, process serving fees, photo copy or messenger fees, etc. whether you are successful in obtaining a settlement of the case in your favor or not. These are costs that must be paid during the course of the case.

The Agreement

The contingency fee agreement is a written contract entered into between you and your attorney at the time you hire the attorney. The attorney’s fee is a percentage of the settlement or court awarded judgment. The agreement should also state who is responsible for paying the costs associated with your case.

Contingency fee agreements differs from other types of fees arrangements for cases where attorneys charge an hourly fee or a fixed fee such as family law and criminal cases. The benefits of a contingent agreement is that it allows more people to be access to the legal system and courts that might not be able to afford to pay an attorney an hourly or fixed fee rate to take their case. Since personal injury laws are complicated and most people are not trained to handle legal matters, a contingency fee arrangement works to their advantage. The attorney will generally not take a case on a contingency basis unless the attorney thinks you have a chance of being successful in receiving a favorable award or settlement.    

If you are involved in a Georgia personal injury automobile accident, you should consult with a Georgia personal injury attorney immediately to find out your legal options and remedies. Contact my office today to discuss your accident.