Would you really want to hire an attorney if you did not know the cost? No.
I would never buy a car if I was charged by the mile. I would never pay to have my driveway paved if I was charged each time someone came to visit me.

When you hire me as your attorney you will understand the fee. Each client will know upfront what I will charge to assist you with your case. You will never worry about how many hours I spend working on your case. You should not be charged for a phone call to ask me a question or the time it takes me to answer the question. You should not be charged if I send or read an email. You should be charged for value of the product I provide. When you come into the office we will go over your case. I will explain the issues, and make suggestions on how we can help.

You will be given the price in the first meeting, and it will not change. Flat fees and open upfront pricing is all we will ever offer.